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Why fire your commercial cleaning company?

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Commercial Cleaning, Tips & Tricks

The following is advice we would give another janitorial service regarding how to avoid getting fired. This should give you a good sense of how we think when it comes to taking care of YOU, our client.


Your commercial cleaning company’s success relies on your capability to keep customers. Failure to do that can lead to fewer jobs, loss of clients, and the potential for closing the business.

You may think you are doing everything you can to keep your customers, but there could be some things you are not doing that would make all the difference. As a cleaning company, you know how frustrating it can be when your customers leave. 

Here are the top reasons why your commercial cleaning company gets fired.

Too many mistakes 

Everybody makes mistakes now and then. But the important thing is to learn from them and improve. One reason that most commercial clients switch their cleaning companies is that hired cleaners make too many mistakes.

It’s extremely frustrating for customers to find broken equipment, doors left open, and poorly cleaned places. 

We recommend that you hire a supervisor who will check and double-check the standard of cleaning to ensure no mistakes are being made or areas missed. 

Satisfaction is essential 

You lose your customers because you aren’t up to their requirements. Ensure you understand their needs and wants in detail. Do not skip any of them. Approach the problems professionally and take good care of your customer’s commercial space and other premises.

To them, their business is a sacred place where they earn their money and get creative. This is how a commercial cleaning company ought to treat them. 

Business owners love professionals 

If you show up late, don’t answer emails or calls, or are not friendly when you do talk to customers… you are NOT displaying professionalism.

Your customers will soon fire you. Your commercial cleaners must arrive at your client’s premises well-motivated, well-prepared, and on time. 

Workforce problems

A good, reliable cleaning company must be able to control and manage its employees without any concerns. 

Customers don’t want a cleaning company that takes too many shortcuts. The last thing they want is to walk into their facility only to find that the cleaning job is subpar and not ready to work for the day. 

A business owner wants a cleaning company with a low turnover, cleaners with adequate training, and a staff that delivers consistent, quality results.

Unclear pricing

Some commercial cleaning companies make it challenging for people to know the total cost of their service. Due to a lack of clarity, commercial business owners can often find themselves facing an expensive invoice.

Customers will not sign up for any form of contract if your cleaning company is not transparent. You must ensure your customers know exactly what they are getting for the money and the exact cost. 

Keep in mind that customers will immediately switch companies if they are unhappy. You must put your customers’ needs first as a commercial cleaning service company. They will surely stay if you meet their expectations and even refer others who need your services. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for customer feedback to determine improvement areas.



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