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As basic as cleaning seems, hiring a commercial cleaning service can occasionally result in a disaster. Hiring companies’ problems with cleaning services range from a dirty space to losing valuable items to theft and destruction due to mismanagement.

As a result, caution should be exercised while hiring a janitorial service. You want to make sure you choose a cleaning company that will follow through on its promises and provides you with a space that is as clean as you intend.

Here are 5 characteristics to look for when hiring cleaning services:

1. Professional Qualifications and Credentials

You should look for a cleaning business that has industry certifications, insurance and is licensed under the appropriate law and body in your state. Companies that have gained local distinction for exceptional service or community support are also worth considering. Look for cleaning companies that have good performance reviews and performance management systems.

2. Skilled and Trained Employees

Look for cleaning businesses that focus on employee screening and training. Not all do and this can limit the risk of employees that will cause damage or steal, and can help ensure quality standards are met.

3. Safe and Effective Cleaning Products and Equipments

You should ask about their cleaning product’s safety features. It’s always a good idea to ensure that ideal products are used as some can be harmful to your employees if not used properly.

4. Well-Organised Cleaning Company

The company you hire should have protocols in place for cleaners to follow while working. You can request a flow chart that explains how they operate.

5. Outstanding Customer Service

While customer service is often overlooked, it’s very important to quality. Issues are bound to come up and you want to know you can get a hold of them when one does. Take note of trends in early interactions and read reviews to see what the consensus is from past clients.

When hiring cleaning services, keep these 5 characteristics in mind, and you’ll get the most out of every cleaning job.

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