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The Office Lobby. How to Design to Impress.

by | Jun 11, 2021 | A Good Office Lobby, A Great Office Lobby Design, Tips & Tricks

You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.” 

Nowadays, this quote is used by many business experts as a guide in maintaining a pleasant frontline area of their establishment, the lobby. 

This concept does not only cover the lobby, per se, but also the employees who come to meet their visitors or clients in the lobby. With this, an office with a good lobby presence and courteous employees are some of the best methods to impress visitors and clients. 

This is also an opportunity to show company values, goals, and what kind of business can be offered.

“A Courteous Employee Equals a Friendly Workplace”

A pleasant attitude by a greeting employee is one of the best setups to close a deal possible. People are always more likely to say yes when they begin their experience with a smile.

A Good Office Lobby Design

Creating a good lobby design is not only beneficial for the daily positive influence on the employees, but also to its visitors. An appealing lobby exudes an essence of progress, and even prosperity, that would make visitors and clients feel they are in the right place for business.  

An attractive lobby may help create a sociable and communicative atmosphere since the lobby is the face of an office.

Make a Lasting Impression.

Some tips to creating wow factor upon entering your space:

1. Add an alluring color to your lobby

A successful color combination is one of the most important things to giving life to your lobby

2. Display art on your walls

Displaying ads, logos, paintings, quotes, and other art material on your wall gives a beautiful charm to your office lobby.

3. Exude fragrance

A sense of pleasant smell in your lobby will surely receive a positive response from your office visitors. According to Psychology Today, “the olfactory bulbs specifically transmit “smell signals”  to our hippocampus and amygdala, which are responsible for emotion and memory processing.” Add a fragrance that brings calmness or a happy feeling, something that could also reduce stress and make visitors remember the cozy atmosphere of your lobby. Some lovely scents that companies use are citrus or lavender.

4. Choose trendy furniture and decors

The first thing that the visitors will see are the items of furniture and decors that are displayed in your lobby.

5.  Lighting is vital

Adding lights can make your lobby more soothing, relaxing and comfortable. It also gives a welcoming comfort to visitors and customers for them to feel at home.

6. A (literal) taste of comfort

Offer your company’s signature comfort such as a cup of coffee or tea, candies or chocolates, drinks (lemon, apple, oranges, cucumber or wine will do), and also present them with your famous company souvenirs. By doing this, visitors will remember your hospitality.


When thinking of how to impress your guests and set a positive tone for every meeting, think about the design of your lobby first. 

Of course, your design and friendly smile mean nothing if your lobby is not kept clean and tidy. We can help! Click here to get a free quote.