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The Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating with Your Cleaning Company

by | Jul 10, 2023 | Hiring Cleaning Company Tips

Choosing a reputable commercial cleaning company is only half the battle in maintaining a clean, healthy, and productive workplace. The other half lies in effective communication between you and your cleaning service provider. Communication is the key to ensuring your cleaning company fully understands and meets your unique needs. Here are some of the essential do’s and don’ts when it comes to communicating with your cleaning company.

DO: Clearly Define Your Expectations

Before a cleaning company starts working for you, it’s important to clearly outline your expectations. This might include specific areas you want them to focus on, the frequency of cleaning, or any special instructions related to your business operations. A well-defined list of tasks will allow the cleaning company to focus on what’s important to you, improving overall service efficiency.

DON’T: Assume They Know Everything

Even the most experienced cleaning company doesn’t automatically know the ins and outs of your facility. Every business is different, and what worked for one client might not work for another. If there are specific tasks or procedures unique to your business, don’t hesitate to communicate these to your cleaning company.

DO: Provide Constructive Feedback

Feedback is vital for the growth and improvement of any service. Regularly provide feedback to your cleaning company about their performance. If you notice they’ve missed a spot or are consistently not meeting a specific need, let them know. Remember, constructive criticism goes a long way in fostering a better working relationship.

DON’T: Delay Communication

If there’s an issue, address it as soon as possible. Waiting only allows the problem to persist, which could impact your workplace’s cleanliness and productivity. Most professional cleaning companies appreciate prompt feedback as it allows them to rectify any issues quickly.

DO: Appreciate Good Work

While it’s important to communicate when there are problems, it’s equally essential to recognize when the cleaning company does an exceptional job. A simple word of appreciation can go a long way in maintaining a positive relationship with your cleaning service provider.

DON’T: Forget to Discuss Changes

If your business operations change – say, you’ve started staying open later, or you’ve added a new room to your facility – make sure to communicate these changes to your cleaning service. This will allow them to adjust their cleaning schedule or routine as necessary to meet your evolving needs.

Effective communication with your cleaning company ensures that you get the most out of your investment. It fosters a better understanding, encourages growth, and ultimately results in a cleaner, healthier workplace.

At Hi Shine Cleaning Service, we pride ourselves on our open and proactive communication with all of our clients. We’re committed to understanding your unique needs and delivering high-quality, personalized cleaning services. If you’re ready for a cleaning service that listens to and works with you, we’re here to help.

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