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Janitorial Service in the Great Resignation Era

by | May 4, 2022 | Commercial Cleaning, Tips when hiring commercial cleaning companies

How should your cleaning company hiring practices change in the labor market conditions of 2022?

First, let’s look at some of the Great Resignation statistics applied across all industries:

Janitorial Service in the Great Resignation Era
Janitorial Service in the Great Resignation Era

The commercial cleaning industry might be one of the most affected with unprecedented loss in labor force in the industry. This has led to grossly understaffed cleaning companies. According to Madan K, CEO of Stratisfy the numbers are staggering:

“Job openings in Commercial Cleaning Industry have risen by 1,620% in the last month alone. Reportedly, many commercial cleaning companies are turning down new businesses due to the lack of staff. Some are even canceling the existing customers, making ‘The Great Resignation’ the biggest post-pandemic challenge for commercial cleaning companies.”

Cleaning Supply and Demand

This means companies have been forced to look for new cleaning partners unexpectedly ON TOP of typical demands for the current market.

While the total volume of typical janitorial service demand is lower in the current market due to more “work at home” initiatives in the corporate world, the post-pandemic supply is drastically lower as well. This creates significant challenges related to finding any form of commercial cleaning at all.

Quality Labor Force

The lack of options when it comes to the cleaning labor force creates an incentive to overlook quality hiring practices in an industry that is already lacking. This means the risk of ill-intended employees of a hired cleaning company are dramatically increasing as well. This can lead to security risk and theft along with quality control concerns.

Our Take

To us, at HiShine Commercial Cleaning Service, this means it’s time to double down on our top values of quality hiring practices and investing in our employees to retain talent.

We will never claim to be the cheapest option in the market, but with our 24/7 customer service and focus on trustworthy and reliable employees, your mind will be at ease and your customers will be impressed with the sharp-lookings commercial environment of your establishment that you trust to us. 

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