How to Practice Feng Shui in an Office – 7 Things to Consider.

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           While the concept of Feng Shui is frowned upon by some, there is no harm in exploring its philosophies and determining if any of them make sense to you. In this article, we talk about how some aspects of Feng Shui apply to your office and are said to boost productivity.

What is Feng Shui?

            In order to maintain harmony, the philosophy of feng shui practices the art of organizing the pieces of one’s surrounding environment. It links to Taoism and means “wind and water”. It utilizes energy forces and creates harmony between a person and his environment. It also generates space that induces unique feelings and emotions. As Laura Cerrano from Feng Shui Manhattan said, “In your homes, if you make a balanced representation, it reflects on how you react to the real-world experiences, and that becomes one of your motivations in everything you do in life.”  This same kind of logic applies to your office space as well.

How can you practice Feng Shui in your office?

            In offices, the presence of feng shui gives a positive atmosphere and a profitable place to function. It will generate energy wherein you can work comfortably and freely with no needless stress. Knowledge of Feng Shui in the office is important because it is you who will have overall control of your office, how you are going to design or furnish it.

            According to Ashley Cantley, “Feng Shui will increase business by bringing in more customers, producing happy workers, and generating more wealth.” For some, having an office based on Feng Shui influence can be a key to more productive and friendly workers in a conducive environment.

If you want to practice feng shui in your office, here are some expert tips:


1. The perfect office layout for a feng shui office

           The proper place to put your desk should be facing the door, which means you can see who is coming in and going out of your office. Cantley said that this is a powerful position and it equals better success. If you prefer your back is facing the door, just put a mirror in front of you for you to see who is entering and exiting the door.

2. Choose a sturdy desk

         One of the most important things that you should have in your office is a good desk. You should choose a sturdy desk that will hold a bunch of files and that will last longer, with no wobbling or uneven legs. This will ensure, feng shui-wise, a comfortable and harmonious work foundation.

3. Choose the right color of your office

         Having a nice and vibrant color in your office is very essential in coordinating workplace harmony. Cantley said, “If you want a creative office choose a white or pastel colors, green for growth, black represents water and it is linked with wealth, purple for clarity, and lastly if you feel depressed choose earth tones.” These colors will give a positive air to your office.

4. Keep plants in your office

        Cantley suggests, “Choose a plant with a rounded leaf-like Pilea Peperomioides plant which is also called Chinese money plant. A succulent garden pot in a wood trough also makes an ideal plant to put on your desk.

5. Proper lighting

        Placing lights like lamps is one way to boost feng shui in your office. If you have a dark office it can be exhausting while having lights is desirable. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs as they have more energy to waste, according to Cantley.

6. Hang some motivational art

            Art gives color and life in an office. As Cantley suggested, “Hang some inspirational art materials like pictures of a person you admire or a motivational quote on your wall.”

           Placing art in the workplace can improve the efficiency, mood, and well-being of the employees and enhance good relationships between workers and customers.

7. Scent is important to give harmony

          Scent is very essential when you practice feng shui. One of the best scents to use is the Citrus Essential oils. Its scent lasts long and it helps when you are having a stressful day.

      These office feng shui tips can help you create a positive environment where you can build a strong and successful relationship among the workers and clients. It can also bring efficiency, success, and a lot of positive vibes that spells progress. Feng shui will invite good and positive energy if you know how to apply and use it properly whether you’re at home, in the office, or in a small cubicle.