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How Office Cleanliness Can Affect Referrals

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Commercial Cleaning, Hiring Cleaning Company Tips, How to Maintain a Clean Office, Tips & Tricks

Have you ever walked into an office and grimaced at the messy appearance? From ceiling fans and bugs running across the floor and dust overflowing from the windows, you need a spotless business office, irrespective of your industry.

The cleanliness of your office space can substantially impact your customer experience—both negatively and positively—making it a major factor for customers when choosing whether they work and spend with you. 

How Does a Clean Space
Affect Customer Experience and What They Tell Others?

1. First impressions are essential

First impressions are everything as employees, customers, and visitors enter your space. Cleaning may not be your sole focus, but it matters. These people build their first impression as soon as they walk in. 

How can a business owner guarantee a customer’s first impression is positive? A clean business office implies that you are investing care, attention, and time in your store—that you care.

It doesn’t matter what type of office or store it is. A messy and unclean office will leave a lasting negative impression on your clients and customers. They also subconciously judge a business based on how the environment smells, feels, and looks.

2. Your customers represent your brand to others

A satisfied customer will talk about their experience with friends, family, and acquaintances. If the office they visit is safe and well-maintained, they will confidently share and communicate the business’s strengths to others.

On the flip side, an unhappy customer tells even more people about the negative experience. A risk you can’t afford to take.

3.  Clean is a reputation booster, while dirty can kill your reputation

A dirty office can become a PR nightmare. Everyone has a mobile phone, so they can easily snap a picture of a filthy restroom or floor and share it with thousands of people on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

One study discovered that the top factors causing people to stop going to a business or store forever are:

  • Broken and dirty dressing rooms
  • Poor entryway cleanliness
  • Dusty and dirty surfaces
  • Dirty restrooms
  • General bad odor

To keep any office and retail environment clean enough to impress customers, ward off possible lawsuits, and prevent bad PR, office and business owners can take some preventative steps. Hire a quality and professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services to keep your office clean and tidy.

A healthy and clean business environment is essential to a company’s brand and reputation. A customer is more likely to trust a business if it focuses on hygiene, cleanliness, and safety measures.

HiShine Commercial Cleaning Service prides itself in taking the greatest precautions and ensuring employees are properly screened, trained, and trusted to provide quality service to their clients. Get a free quote now.