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HiShine Cleaning Service – Fast, reliable, professional cleaning services for any apartment complex, office, or commercial space.

Meet Hi Shine President

Elda Brozzetti

Meet Hi Shine President

Elda Brozzetti

Originally born and raised in Europe, Elda comes from a culture that values honesty, hard work, and a sparkling home that is always ready for company.  She has carried these values into her business and her dedicated team establishing HI SHINE as a leader in the full service commercial cleaning space serving the greater Philadelphia area for over a decade.  Elda has been a Philadelphia resident since 2001 and holds two undergraduate degrees from Penn State University and an advanced degree from the University of Pennsylvania. 

What makes Hi Shine Cleaning Service different?

Personal Attention

Company OWNER access 24/7 if an issue should arise. Just give us a call and we will take action with any option available.

Screened Emloyees

All company employees have been personally vetted to meet our standards of professionalism and integrity.


Fully insured/licensed

We are covered with all necessary policies and licenses to ensure no unnessary risk  for us or our clients.

Full Service

We cover all facets of cleaning commecial or residential spaces (except exterior highrise windows)

Competitively priced

We focus on systems and efficiency that allow us to stay competitive with most other cleaning companies while providing superior service.

Fast AND attentive

From initial response within 1 hour, to a fast quote process, to efficient cleanings… we respect your time. That said our training includes plenty of attention to detail to ensure quality with speed.

Put our customer service to the test. We will respond very quickly. 

Put our customer service to the test. We will respond very quickly. 

HiShine Cleaning is a great value, considering the high level of work they perform. I used Hi Shine’s services with PNC bank, to service our mobile marketing campaigns. They brought our event materials and properties back to tradeshow-grade elements after a year’s work on the road. Kudos to a business that follows direction so well, and simply delivers on what they promise. I recommend Hi Shine to anyone who cares about their business

Frederick Calalang

Director, MergeArts Organization

Our Clients

Just to name a few.

HI SHINE’S CLEANING PRODUCTS AND PRACTICES stand apart from other cleaning companies, which is why we train our staff to uphold our high standards on each job, every day. Our management team boasts years of experience in the field, and each of our staff is trained to uphold the same meticulous attention to quality performance HiShine was founded on.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to handle any client, large or small, commercial or private. We strive to be as thorough as possible, but also to be flexible in each client’s specific needs.

Our bottom line is satisfaction; from staying within your budget, to making sure each detail is taken care of. We want you to forget you even hired a cleaning company. To learn more about what makes us different, please visit our Services page.

    Our Commercial Cleaning…

    Process and Products.

    Philadelphia Office Cleaning


    Philadelphia Apartment Complex Cleaning

    For all Philadelphia Janitorial Services, Commercial Cleaning, or Building Cleaning Service.

    Complete Cleaning Service

    • Commercial Offices
    • Banks & Insurance Companies
    • Doctor & Attorney Offices
    • Schools, Hospitals & Churches
    • Automobile Dealerships
    • Supermarkets & Retail Stores
    • Hotels, Resorts & Lodges
    • Condominiums & Apartments
    • Multi Unit Homes