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Feng Shui for Your Office Desk

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Feng Shui, Feng Shui your Office Desk, Tips & Tricks

Due to the popularity of our last article related to feng shui in the office, here is round 2!

According to many across the world, Feng Shui will help you make choices and decisions in designing your desk space that will help you focus well and have more productivity in your day. Here are some tips for you to follow:

1. Clear the clutter on your desk surface

Clearing the clutter that happens easily during a busy day can help clear the mind of the leftover stress and negative emotions from that day. It helps set you up for a fresh and productive start to the next day.

2. Choose the best desk material

According to Feng Shui principles, the best feng shui option is a wooden desk as it brings natural, vibrant, and nourishing energy force to your office.

A glass desk lacks strength because it creates a very quick movement of energy. But if you’re using one, you can offset this by placing plants around.

3. Have a good shape for your desk

There are many excellent shapes that you can choose for your office. First, a rectangular desk brings an element of growth and expansion specifically if the desk has an open front as it facilitates a good energy flow.

You can use a fluid form desk, to have a continuous energy flow and it encourages creativity in your work. But for a person who is easily distracted, this is not the best choice.

4. Choose a good desk color

In feng shui, the color gives an instant way to create a particular energy force.

You can use these five feng shui color elements:

  • Brown creates comfort and nourishment for the body.
  • White brings clarity and discipline.
  • Gray, just like white, gives clearness and focus to your work.
  • Black promotes concentration and open-mindedness.
  • Green gives strength, creativity, and nourishment.
  • Red is not advisable for long-term use for it triggers aggression.

Selecting the best color that suits your personality and what kind of feng shui you want from it is vital in optimizing your performance.

5. Position your desk well

According to feng shui philosophy, position your desk well so that you are in command of the room. This simply means that your back shouldn’t be facing the entrance door.

6. Add Light to your desk

Putting light on your desk is one way to boost feng shui in your office.

7. Apply a Bagua Map in arranging your things on your desk

Using the Bagua map is very helpful in creating a good feng shui in the office. Here are some excellent areas for you to implement feng shui on the surface of your desk:

  • Upper Left: Wealth and Money area
  • Upper Right: Love and Marriage area
  • Mid Left: Health and Family area
  • Mid Right: Creativity area

For example, putting lights on your upper left promotes wealth. You can also put a plant or family photo to your left to give well-being. You can also add a photo of yourself or some crystals on the upper right to enhance your love life.

8. Think of putting some source of energy

Items that will give positive energy to your office are very essential for your daily work activity. For any workspace, putting plants is a must as it releases clean air and creates an alive feeling. For example, choose a small plant in a beautiful pot that brings vibrant and refreshing energy. You can also use crystals. Over the ages, crystals have been used for a variety of purposes, from healing to defense or decoration.

9. Always have good vibes

Positive thinking brings positive energy to your office. Putting a smile on your face will lessen the source of negative vibes and also give a clear mind to you while working. It also brings productivity and focus.

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