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Cleaning Philadelphia’s Office Spaces: How big is the industry?

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Commercial Cleaning

Philadelphia is a bustling powerhouse in the United States’ economic landscape, famous for its vibrant business environment. But behind the curtain of this dynamic city is a less visible yet crucial player: the office cleaning industry. Let’s delve into the expansive world of Philadelphia’s office spaces, estimated to be around 92 million square feet in 2021, and their maintenance saga.

The Cleaning Footprint: An Informed Estimate

While we lack exact numbers on the annual professional cleaning of office spaces in Philadelphia, industry norms and data specific to the city allow us to make an educated approximation.

A typical guideline in the industry suggests office spaces should be professionally cleaned at least once per week. However, larger corporations or healthcare facilities might require daily cleaning services. If we take into consideration Philadelphia’s total office space and apply a weekly cleaning schedule, we’re looking at an impressive 4.8 billion square feet cleaned per year—quite the conservative estimate!

Pandemic Influence: Changing the Cleaning Landscape

Two critical trends shape these figures: the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the city’s continuous commercial expansion. 

The pandemic has been a game-changer for professional cleaning services. As businesses strive to provide safer environments for their employees, the demand for these services has skyrocketed. Routine disinfection has become the norm, leading to more frequent cleaning schedules and consequently pushing the total square footage cleaned even higher.

Philadelphia’s Commercial Expansion: Adding to the Numbers

The city’s consistent commercial growth is another crucial factor. The increasing number of startups, established corporations moving in, and the expansion of existing businesses have contributed to a growing pool of office spaces needing cleaning services. 

Additionally, the ongoing construction of new commercial properties and renovation of existing ones has resulted in an ever-increasing square footage that requires professional cleaning—further inflating the total figure each year.

Conclusion: Acknowledging the Unseen Heroes

While we can’t pin down an exact figure, one thing is crystal clear: the amount of office space cleaned each year in Philadelphia is simply staggering. The professional cleaning industry, often overlooked, serves as the city’s unseen champion, maintaining the health and productivity of Philadelphia’s thriving business environment. As the city continues its commercial growth, the importance of this sector will only become more pronounced.