Commercial Cleaning COVID 19 precautions for office buildings in Philadelphia

Sanitizing with COVID 19 and current health requirements in mind. Keep your staff and visitors safe.


Hi-Shine Commercial Cleaning has taken the appropriate steps for our clients by using hospital-grade cleaning products and training staff to practice social distancing and take extra care on high-risk surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently touched areas.  This procedure is on top of our already meticulous protocol for general surface cleaning and sanitization.

Count on HiShine to leave your commercial space clean and sanitary in the wake of any possible contamination. Safety is our number one priority!



Hospital industry-grade disinfectants and general cleaning supplies are a must to ensure proper treatment and management of the virus and other bacteria. 



A surface that has been used or contacted is a surface that needs to be cleaned. Proper frequency and timing ensure that cleaning procedures keep up with the schedule of use. 



Safety and COVID-19 measures are only as successful as the planning and execution of them. We focus a large effort on properly educating and preparing our staff to focus on required levels of attention to detail and process.

Recommendations on workplace sanitization with COVID 19 precautions in mind.


The following are protocol we suggest and can help with regarding safety in pandemic scenerio like COVID-19.  We are available and on call to serve these objectives along with in house staff as needed. Just ask if you have questions on how we can best assist in keep your workspace or commercial building safe along with peace of mind for your staff.


1. Workplace cleaning and disinfection should follow the same general principles used in healthcare settings: removal of dirt, frequent disinfection and use of a certain set of disinfecting products.

2. Surfaces that are frequently touched with hands should be cleaned often. This would include (but would not be limited to): Doors in entrance/exiting areas, counters and shelves, desk surfaces, chairs (e.g. arm rests), tables, phones, computer keyboards (especially if shared), counters, light switches, lavatory surfaces, kitchen surfaces and appliances, doorknobs, elevators buttons, handrails, floors and other horizontal surfaces, shared tools and equipment, machinery and truck cabin (clean and disinfect the steering wheel, door handles, frequently used levers and buttons, seats and in general anything you usually touch with your hands).

3. It is likely that an enhanced cleaning regime will overwhelm a cleaning staff that may be fewer in number than usual. In this case, employee should be responsible for cleaning their own areas and possibly common areas nearby.

4. It is important to avoid sharing cups, dishes, and cutlery and to ensure that they are thoroughly washed with soap and hot water. If possible, use disposables cutlery, cups and dishes.

5. Garbage collection, and if necessary, storage points, should be increased and emptied regularly throughout each day.

6. If a person is suspected of having pandemic-related disease, it is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect their work area along with any other places may they have been.

7. It is important the early identification of suppliers, prices, stock available, delivery lead time of disposable gloves, detergent, disinfectant and other cleaning products.

Cleaning frequency

1. The frequency of workplace cleaning will vary based on the severity of the pandemic outbreak, as well as the level of activity at the area. A more sever outbreak (e.g. serious or catastrophic) will require more frequent cleaning to reduce the risk of infection from surface contact.

The frequency of cleaning should be balanced with the reduced level of activity in the area that would be expected during a period of high infection.

The following is a chart outlining guidelines to consider regarding different stages of an outbreak like COVID-19:

Workplace Cleaning & Sanitization Guidelines COVID 19

The inspiration for our guidelines comes from the following respected source. 


CEMEX Workplace Cleaning Guidance in Pandemic