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Can higher priced commercial cleaning services actually save you money?

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Cost, Tips when hiring commercial cleaning companies

Hiring a low-cost commercial cleaning service can be very tempting… and rightfully so. The service is not considered complex or difficult, so why would you invest a lot in it?

The honest truth is, sometimes you can get away with a lower-cost option without a problem. That said, many hiring managers regret their decision to hire discount janitorial services. Our recommendation? DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you are reading this, you’ve taken a great first step!

5 ways a more expensive office cleaning service (per hour) can save you money in the long run.

Time savings.

This is the most common unforeseen risk with low cost cleaning company options. Unreliable employees lead to poor results or missed scheduled cleanings. These issues and situations need to be addressed with ownership costing you valuable time. What is an hour of your time worth? If you need too spend a couple of hours a month addressing issues with cleaning… that could easily void any price advantage you had signed up for. 

Increased productivity.

The positive psychological effects of a clean and tidy workspace cannot be overstated. Running a tight ship begins with have a space that reflects the quality and detail you expect from your employees.

Risk mitigation.

Depending on the roll of your commercial cleaning crew, you may rely heavily on sanitation or detailed quality to keep your customers and employees safe. Additionally, low quality cleaning employees can be a breach of security in regards to company IP or theft of company property.

Minimizing lost business.

If the quality of cleaning is not up to standard, you can turn off potential customers or clients as they enter your space. If first impressions are everything, quality cleaning should be a high priority.

Staff retention.

Nothing brings morale down more quickly than a dirty and disorganized workspace. Your employees will always be more committed when they feel comfortable in the space the occupy every day.

Don’t miss an opportunity to invest a little bit more upfront for a more productive, efficient and enjoyable company in the end.

At HiShine Commercial Cleaning Service we pride ourselves in providing higher-quality service to put your mind, staff, and customers at ease. Get a free quote now.