Having a clean office is a vital component for the general health and well-being of the workers and the clients. A clean office can be an inviting and comfortable space for employees, but more importantly, your customers and clients. 

If you work in an untidy place, it affects your productivity and negatively reflects on work ethic and organizational qualities. If your office is not clean when customers walk in, it does not give you and your company a positive impression.

Here are 5 tips to give your employees to keep the hygiene standards and cleanliness around your workplace at a comfortable level:

1. Organize daily

Taking 5 minutes when you first get to your office to assess the status of your office can work wonders in maintaining a continuously clean and tidy environment. These will become some of the most valuable minutes in your day as they create a positive effect on all of the other minutes you have.

2. Prioritize your desk.

Research by the University of Arizona found that the desktop contains 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat.

3. Don’t neglect your plants

Most people love a plant for the boost they give the visual environment. They also put oxygen into the air. Clean plants help ensure they staying healthy and removing dead leaves and stems ensures they always have that positive visual presence. 

4. Set time to deep clean and organize periodically.

Clean your drawers every 6 weeks. Clean out the office fridge once a month. Dust your books every month too. Put these tasks in your calendar to ensure you block out time for them.

5. Find a reputable cleaning services company.

This is an obvious one coming from a commercial cleaning company blog, but it is easily one of the most reliable ways to ensure a high standard of cleanliness throughout your office space.

A cleaner office results in high productivity – that’s been proven. So, stay organized and clean, and your productivity will sky-rocket! 

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