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5 Steps to the Perfectly Clean Office Bathroom Toilet

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Commercial Cleaning, How to Maintain a Clean Office, Tips & Tricks

Toilet cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite chore, but in the average business facility, toilets take up 5% of the space but hold 20% of the dirt or bacteria and account for 80% of building complaints. This implies that your toilets to be cleaned it properly and frequently. 

Every business works hard to provide customers, clients, and guests with high-quality products and/or services. Don’t let a dirty toilet ruin that hard work for a great first impression!

Direct from our training manual, we are open about our obsession with detail and perfectly clean results.

Let’s Prepare to Clean!

Any cleaning method should start with the right tools, commercial cleaning supplies, and personal safety equipment.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Cleaning Spray (all-purpose)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Paper towel or rags
  • Sponge

Let’s Begin!

Step 1. Safety First!

Always put on the appropriate personal protective equipment first before you start cleaning the toilet such as waterproof rubber gloves, goggles if you are using sprays of any kind and apron to avoid germs and bacteria.

Step 2. Apply Toilet Cleaner

Before applying a toilet cleaner, flush the toilet first to moisten the bowl. Then grab your toilet cleaner and don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using it. After, spray some on the inside of the rim and let it drop down to the sides of the bowl. Make sure there’s a lot of it under the rim. Allow for a few minutes for it to absorb.

Step 3. Use Damp Sponge to Wipe the External Surfaces of the Bowl

While waiting for the toilet cleaner to absorb, wipe all external surfaces with a damp sponge. Everything should be wiped clean, including the tank, lid, toilet seat, base, and exterior of the bowl.

Step 4. Scrub the Inside of the Bowl

Use your toilet brush to clean the bowl. Scrub it thoroughly with the use of water from the sides to the bottom of the bowl. To work up the bubbles from your toilet cleaner, dip your brush into the water and make sure you’re working your muscles. After cleaning the bowl, it is essential to always close the lid when flushing to avoid any splatter from the chemically loaded water.

If there are still stains, you can use a pumice stone to remove any remaining stains from the bowl. A damp pumice stone is rough enough to remove mineral deposits stains while being soft enough not to damage surfaces.

Step 5. Disinfect the Exterior with a Disinfectant Spray

When the stain is removed,use a hot damp sponge to wipe the surface and you can now start disinfecting the exterior part of the toilet using the disinfectant spray with your paper towel or rag. Make certain that every surface is well-cleaned.

Once you are done cleaning the toilet using the 5 steps, all equipment, materials, and supplies should be returned to their designated storage spaces. But make sure they are cleaned and sanitized. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands properly.

Follow these steps for a perfectly clean office toilet OR fill out this form for us to give a fast and free commercial cleaning quote and take the dirty work off of your hands.